A trip to the past, to the heart of Iran, The Lut Desert, Stepping in tracks of international explorers

Our expert and well equipped team brings an organized and thrilling travel for particular travelers who would like to step in special tracks in Iran, Lut Desert ,
commencing first of October to November first.

The different planned tracks are:
1- Following the footsteps of Italian Marco Polo mention in Itinerary Marco Polo.
2- Following the footsteps of Swedish Sven Hedin mention in Desert of IRAN by Sven Hedin.
3- Following the footsteps of Austrian Alfons Gabriel mention in Duerch Persiens Wuesten by Alfons Gabriel.

You don’t need to do anything for this exciting trip except contacting us.
Everything is on us, i.e. ,
Airport transfers
all travel equipments

For more information please contact us at nafissis@gmail.com

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